Sequence Graphs Online

Collatz sequence is a sequence of natural integers defined in the following way: we start from a strictly positive integer; if it is even, we divide it by 2; if it is odd, we multiply it by 3 and we add 1.
By repeating the operation, we obtain a sequence of strictly positive integers of which each one depends only on its predecessor.
After the number 1 has been reached, the sequence of values (1,4,2,1,4,2...) repeats itself indefinitely in a cycle of length 3, called trivial cycle.


Sequence Graphs Online is an open source project. Any contribution will be treated and highly appreciated.
Feel free to add another famous sequences, enhance the existing ones or makes the interface better.
This project uses Next.js framework, and the design of the code makes it easy to extend it to add new sequences.
You can find the source code on GitHub.